Sorry visitor sends rock home to Kakadu

Bill sent his apologies - and this piece of quartz he took from Kakadu

Here at Bowali Visitor Centre, we’re always busy replying to phone calls, letters and emails from travellers planning their trip to Kakadu. We also love the postcards and messages from visitors kind enough to let us know how much they enjoyed their stay in the park.

It’s rare though that we receive padded envelopes like the one from Bill from New York.

Knowing that Kakadu National Park is a World Heritage site for both its natural and cultural values, Bill realised he shouldn’t have taken this small rounded quartzite when he visited a few years ago. Taking more than photos weighed heavy on his conscience for a long time (and he feels perhaps even brought some bad luck!)

The quartz that travelled around the world is a timely reminder to tread lightly.  Kakadu is protected for both its natural and cultural values, so we encourage you to explore, leave your footprints along any of our walking tracks – but take only memories and photographs!

Call into the Bowali Visitor Centre for all the latest information - we’re here to help you plan your stay and make it a truly memorable one, for all the right reasons!

Anja, Kakadu National Park