Close encounters at Uluru

The woma python relaxes in the sun before taking off. Look at that vibrant red earth!

Out here at Uluru we know we work in one of the very best locations in all of Australia. As well as enjoying an amazing view, we work alongside Anangu and meet people from all around the world. Last week a beautiful kuniya, or woma python, came to visit at the Cultural Centre.

Two visitors alerted us to a snake heading into the Tjukurpa tunnel and a quick investigation turned up this 1.5 m woma python. Many staff and Anangu came to have a look and some staff even got to handle it – under supervision! It was very placid and didn’t seem to mind the attention.

Some Anangu  wanted to eat it as it is ‘kuka wiru’ - good meat, but it was carefully released back into the wild.

Kuniya feature in Anangu history and culture and the Kuniya Walk is named for this special animal. Many of us have never seen one before so it was a real treat.

Kate, Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park