Baby quoll joins the family

Ranger Sam Deegan with the quoll in December - aged about four weeks old

Sam's baby quoll, Djili. Isn't she adorable?

Meet Kakadu’s newest family member Djili (pronounced “Jilly”) - a baby northern quoll who is currently being raised by ‘mum’ park ranger Samantha Deegan.

Djili is only a few months old and was found by tourists while hiking at Bardedjilidji (hence the name Djili) in the East Alligator region.

Samantha has taken on full mothering responsibility of Djili who is so tiny her current pouch is a child’s sock!  Once Djili is strong enough, the plan is to release her back into her natural habitat so she can settle down and hopefully become a mum herself.

Tracey, Kakadu National Park

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