Snakes, lizards and crocs...oh my!

The ever-popular Snakes Alive! exhibition returns to the Australia National Botanic Gardens for another season of amazing hands-on learning this week.

Learn about snakes, lizards, turtles and more at _Snakes Alive! _

The live exhibition, presented by the ACT Herpetological Society features snakes, lizards, baby crocs, frogs and turtles and plenty of fun learning experiences. Visitors of all ages enjoy the opportunity to handle the animals, help out with feeding, and ask questions of the experts.

It’s also a wonderful way to learn about endangered species and what can be done to help them. All proceeds go to the ACT Herpetological Society for research and conservation including the northern and southern corroboree frog breeding programs.

Snakes Alive! began an incredible 27 years ago when Ric Longmore coordinated a display of reptiles at the Gardens. Due to its popularity this became an annual event with the ACT Herpetological Association taking over the coordination in 1989. Ric’s passion and commitment to animal conservation has continued ever since - here he is promoting Snakes Alive! at the summer events program launch.

Ric Longmore and his woma python - with _Summer Sounds_ performers

Snakes Alive! runs for four days, from Thursday 17 - Sunday 20 January 2013. For times and entry details please go the Garden’s website.

Tanya, Parks Australia