Kakadu Cab campaign makes dreams come true

Imagine hailing a cab and instead of heading to your meeting being whisked away to Kakadu – right there and then! That’s what happened to four lucky Sydney-siders who took up the challenge.

The Kakadu Cab campaign, supported by Tourism NT, was launched by Inspiring Journeys to highlight to Aussies the opportunities they have on their doorstep – and not to put off travelling to these great domestic destinations. When unsuspecting members of the public hailed a black cab in Sydney late last year they were faced with the choice of continuing to their desired destination, or immediately leaving on a trip to the Top End.

Two accepted the proposition and a further two were chosen via a radio comeptition. The four were sent off on a three-day trip around Kakadu, and their experiences documented in these individual YouTube clips.

Share in their inspiring visits with these short vids - guaranteed to brighten your day..and have you reaching for your holiday leave form!