Park staff host Demons' huge hike

The team were greeted by senior traditional owner, Jeffrey Lee

Posing for a quick pic with park staff

Yesterday’s hike with the Melbourne Demons was a fantastic day for the footy team and Kakadu support staff  - lots of amazing memories!

We started at sunrise at Nawurlandja where the guys enjoyed a glorious morning with a brilliant view of Nourlangie.  Jeffrey Lee, senior traditional owner greeted them and spoke about his country, the importance of walking safely and respect for the land. The guys were chuffed to be able to meet and hear from him!

We all enjoyed great scenic views walking around Anbangbang Billabong admiring the magpie geese and whistling ducks.

Then it was on to  Nourlangie where the entire team and support crew split into groups of three - each group had a coach responsible for radio communication in the event of an emergency. At the carpark everyone filled up their camel packs and commenced the hardest section of the walk – the 6 km Barrk Walk.

At Nanguluwurr they were greeted by smiling park staff who supported the crew with directions, information about the area and checked the guys over for any signs of heat illness. Some staff were a little star struck and plucked up the courage to take a team photo!

The guys refuelled with breakfast and caught their breath before a final 9 km leg. An hour and a half later they arrived at Gubara and made the journey to Gubara pools - relief was in sight! They walked right into the pools and took a much-deserved dip.

The guys walked 35 kms in total - it took them a little longer than anticipated at 7.5 hours, but we have to say we don’t think they could have picked a better place. It was  a thrill to see how much they enjoyed being here.

Thanks to everyone for a really special day!

Penny, Kakadu National Park

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