Booderee’s new educational resource is fun for all

Children love learning in Booderee

Booderee National Park is a natural classroom where students can learn about the environment, human impacts, climate change, marine habitats and much more. To assist teachers we’ve developed a Healthy Learning education kit covering Human Society and its Environment (HSIE), English, Maths, Science and Technology, Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE) and Drama and Visual Arts.

Want to explore why there are more dolphin sightings around the full moon? Or teach students the scientific name for a barrel wave – and how it’s made?

Healthy Learning offers plenty of suggestions for a field trip - enabling students to learn about the Booderee environment, and how it is managed and looked after.  The exercises allow students to be Junior Rangers, researchers, scientists, managers, architects and artists.

But if a trip to Booderee isn’t on the cards, many of the lessons and exercises can still be used - whether in the classroom or just the home back yard. Try the Marine Environments module to explore why oceans are salty, what causes waves and tides, and why a marine park is important.

Have a go at the Understanding Tides exercise where students take turns to be the sun, moon and earth and get a truly physical understanding of why the ocean has tides!

John, Booderee National Park

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