Species discovery at Kakadu

The research team out on the water

Kakadu’s research partnerships continue to pay off – a monitoring mission has just discovered what may be new species of fish!

The scientists spent a fortnight on the South Alligator River as part of the National Environment Research Program - where they discovered what they believe may be a new species of threadfin salmon, and the possibility of new species of tongue soles. The next step is to do the taxonomic work to confirm the finds are new to science.

Thanks to the NERP Northern Australia Hub researchers from GU, UWA, and the Northern Territory Museum - we can’t wait to hear the final results of your work!

The researchers think they’ve found a new species of miniature threadfin salmon

One of the most fascinating finds was a variety of ‘tongue soles’ which may include new species. These unusual elongated tongue-shaped fish feed along the river bottom.

Kakadu National Park

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