Namarrgon heralds arrival of Lightning Man

| Image by Graham Brown

Namarrgon (pronounced narm-arr-gon) is the Lightning Man, an important creation ancestor responsible for the violent lightning storms Kakadu experiences every wet season. He can be seen at the Anbangbang Gallery at Burrunguy (Nourlangie Rock). He uses his stone axes to split the dark clouds and make lightning and thunder.

Namarrgon’s story began on the coastline of the Coburg Peninsula and ends in a rock shelter in the sandstone country of the Arnhem Land Plateau - where he remains today.

During his travels he left his power behind at many places. On his last journey he approached the escarpment from the east, looked over the sheer wall, then took out an eye and placed it high on the cliff at Namarrgondjahdjam (Lightning Dreaming).  Here it sits, waiting for the storm season. This is a sacred and dangerous place that must not be disturbed or catastrophic events will follow.

During the build up season you can see Narmarrgon’s children, aljurr (Leichardt’s grasshopper) on the fragrant pityrodia bushes which is the only plant they eat.

Adapted from Kakadu Knowledge for Tour Guides readings.

Sarah, Kakadu National Park

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