Ubirr opens early for total solar eclipse

Watch the solar eclipse at Ubirr with Kakadu's rangers

Kakadu rangers will open Ubirr at the earlier time of 5.00 am on Wednesday morning (14 November), to enable visitors to view the solar eclipse.

Due to its position on the Tropic of Capricorn Kakadu is an incomparable spot to experience this rare event. The eclipse will be visible from a narrow strip known as the path of totality — starting in Kakadu before passing over Far North Queensland and the South Pacific, and ending just off the coast of Chile.

There won’t be another solar eclipse in Australia until 2028, so don’t miss out!

“Kick-off” will be around 6.13 am – allow 20 to 30 minutes to climb to the viewing area as it will be dark and the rocks may be slippery. Don’t forget to bring your eclipse sunnies as well as water, and a torch and sturdy footwear. Eclipse sunnies are available at Jabiru.

If you’re not close to the path of totality you may experience a partial eclipse depending on your location - or you can view the total eclipse on the internet.

Check back soon for photos and share yours on our Facebook page!

Tracey, Kakadu National Park