They came, they saw...they tweeted!

A 'human brochure' stops to photograph the rainforest gully

More than 200 visitors came to the Australian National Botanic Gardens as part of the human brochure campaign to celebrate Canberra’s centenary in 2013 – and shared their adventures with the globe via social media.

The ‘brochures’ enjoyed a picnic brunch on the Eucalpyt Lawn before being treated to some tunes by local band Annie and the Armadillos which performs at the Gardens’ summer concerts each January. After eating and relaxing in Canberra’s spring sunshine the visitors took a tour of the gardens to check out a few of our plants. We have more than 6,300 species of Australian natives here!

The ‘humans’ tweeted pics of carnivorous plants, wollemi pines, moss, waterfalls, our gorgeous rainforest gully and even our general manager who came to join in the fun.

The kids activity table was another busy social hub

The human brochure hashtag was trending on Twitter as the visitors told their friends and families about the national institutions and shared their degustational delights – which were many!

See what the human brochures had to say on Twitter by searching @anbg or #humanbrochure.

Steve, Australian National Botanic Gardens

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