Protecting Uluru night and day

Monitoring animals night and day at Uluru

Here in Uluru we’ve been monitoring wildlife around the park’s water sources.  Remote sensing cameras capture images of wildlife 24 hours a day, giving us an indication of the activity and numbers of native and feral animals around the waterholes.

The cameras not only help us monitor numbers, but they also help us assess the risk to vulnerable critters like the fat-tailed pseudo-antechinus, a small marsupial, and echidnas - both like the shade close to the base of the rock which can make them easy prey.

The cameras capture a variety of birds – large and small!

Early results suggest the trapping we’ve done in these areas has led  to a decline in feral cats around the waterholes. We’re now analysing the numbers in detail to see how effective some of our trapping is, and whether we need to make any adjustments or target specific areas.

Kerrie, Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park

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