Inspiring interest in central Australian plants

The garden will also serve as a scientific research tool relating to central Australian plants and environment

The Australian National Botanic Gardens has taken delivery of an eight metre high palm which will form the backdrop of the new Red Centre Garden.

This cabbage palm occurs naturally only in Central Australia’s Palm Valley in Finke Gorge National Park. Now this fantastic specimen will make its new home in the scientific collection in Australia’s capital as part of the new feature garden.

Featuring ghost gums, spinifex, desert oaks and saltbush scrub, the arid display will inspire a ‘sense of place’ - connecting people to some of the iconic plants and landscapes of central Australia. Along with the plants, the dramatic use of materials like red sand and a variety of dramatic rocks such as jasperite and local ironstone will help capture a sense of inland Australia.

The garden will also feature and interpret plants that have developed specific adaptations to desert extremes. A children’s trail of desert discovery will spark curiosity as tracks, burrows, hollows and nests intrigue youngsters to find the animals that made them.

The garden is set to open as part of the Canberra centenary celebrations in 2013.

Steve, Australian National Botanic Gardens

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