Take a self-guided tour around Norfolk Island

Visitors explore near the Captain Cook monument

Norfolk Island National Park’s new iPod tour is now available for hire when visiting the island. Produced with Baunti Escapes, the tour takes visitors around four popular walks as well as the native plants of the botanic gardens.

Norfolk Island’s isolation has allowed plants and animals to develop that are found nowhere else in the world. Two hundred species are endemic to Norfolk and with your personal tour guide at your side you’ll have no problems spotting some of them - like the Norfolk Island hibiscus and the Phillip Island hibiscus. You’ll find out where Captain Cook landed, how the stunning seascapes were formed and where to look out for some of the parks iconic birds like the Norfolk Island green parrot.

To experience Norfolk wherever you are go to Baunti Escapes to learn more about the tour and listen to excerpts.

Tanya, Parks Australia

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