A once-in-a-lifetime sighting

![Count them! Thirteen juvenile sea eagles over “Hole in the Wall”](images/sea-eagle-sticky2.jpg “Count them! Thirteen juvenile sea eagles over “Hole in the Wall”")

In Booderee earlier this year, on an early morning excursion, I was unbelievably lucky to see - and photograph - 13 juvenile sea eagles over the “Hole In The Wall” area of Booderee. They were all juvenile, all sea eagles and all interacting - and from what I have been able to find out, not seen before.

One of the juvenile sea eagles in flight | Image by Chris Grounds

There was a research team some years back that saw six young sea eagles around that area, which was a one-off sighting. It caused some excitement of course. That is actually the young of a lot of nests, covering quite a large area of the bay and basin around Booderee – at least seven, perhaps as many as ten. I felt utterly privileged to be able to see and photograph the birds – but sharing the story makes it even better!

Chris Grounds, Environmental photographer

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