Possum rescue!

The problem for this possum was not getting in but getting out!

The weather is becoming lovelier every day here in Booderee – and there are already lots of visitors enjoying the beauty of the area.

One eagle-eyed guest last week reported that a brushtail possum was trapped in an industrial waste bin at Green Patch camping area. I went along to investigate and found this cute little fella curled up contentedly in the corner of the bin.

The sun had no doubt increased the temperature of the bin and the possum was obviously enjoying its warmth after scoffing down some leftovers. A little mood lighting crept in through the partly opened lid creating the perfect place to have a nap!

I left a stick to assist her in climbing out and went to do a few other things – but returned to find she had gone back to sleep. Thinking she may be injured or crook, I climbed into the bin and gave her a hand to escape. However, I have to say, I got the impression she would have been quite happy to stay where she was!

Wakey, wakey little one| I encouraged the possum to find somewhere a bit safer to hang out

James, Booderee National Park

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