Special moments at Booderee

Bristlebirds bathing and grooming | Courtesy of Chris Grounds

Bristlebird | Image by Chris Grounds

_Local environmental photographer Chris Grounds has had many special experiences in Booderee National Park. Here he shares these photographs and his excitement at a recent brush with a pair of eastern bristlebirds. _

I’ve had a number of eastern bristlebird encounters in the vicinity of the ruined lighthouse at Cape St George in the last week.  The bird is on the federal threatened species list so to see them two days running is pretty special. I first saw one bird bathing - and then a day later caught two bathing together in a natural rock pool!

It proved to be even more exceptional as the shallow pool had dried up a day later.

It’s a great experience to see such threatened species acting out their behaviours, realising it is something you have not seen before and may not see again.

Chris Grounds, Solum Environmental Photography

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