Connecting with Ubirr locals

Sandstone antechinus under rock

Sandstone antechinus comes out of hiding

After showing visitors the stunning views in Kakadu National Park I like to sit at Nadab lookout at Ubirr, close my eyes and listen to the different sounds around me. I love putting my hands on the rock and taking a minute to fulfil the ancestors’ request that we connect with country.

Sandstone antechinus

Taking a moment to consider what I’m doing

If I take my time leaving the lookout after sunset I become acquainted with the evening wildlife – tonight I am fortunate enough to see the sandstone antechinus foraging for insects!

These little guys are only found in the Western Arnhem Land escarpment so I feel pretty honoured to watch as it scurries across the rock looking for its dinner. What a superb home it has!

Miriam, Seasonal ranger, Kakadu National Park

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