More science fun for the family

Members of ClimateWatch try out a monitoring post on the new climate trail

As the spring sunshine returns, pull on your walking shoes and grab the family for an inspiring day monitoring the happenings at the Australian National Botanic Gardens!

The gardens’ ClimateWatch trail allows visitors to assist in real science issues as they look for nominated species’ of birds, bees, butterflies, trees and plants - and the Gardens’ famous water dragons.

The trail, located along the gardens’ main path, was developed in partnership with Earthwatch Australia and allows visitors to become ‘citizen scientists’ - monitoring and recording information such as flowering times and nesting patterns and inputting their data to ClimateWatch. It’s also a great way to make a real contribution to conservation in Australia.

A full-colour field guide detailing plants, trees, birds, frogs and butterflies to look out for is available at ClimateWatch.

Monitor the flowering of the sensational gymea lily which grows several metres tall

Look out for the eastern spinebill in the brittle gum woodland | Image courtesy of Lindell Emerton

Once your work is done why not relax in our cafe, Floresco in the Gardens, or share a picnic on the cafe lawn?

Julie, Australian National Botanic Gardens

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