Kakadu in bloom

Wow! What a wonderful few weeks it’s been since the last blog! Walks, talks and always in shorts, it’s a pretty special place to be. We’ve had some stunning blood-red sunsets and sunrises, the turkey bush is blooming and more and more people are starting to arrive to enjoy this wonderful park.

There are plenty of critters getting about and it seems that snakes are starting to shed their skin. There was one sliding through the grass right next to my feet on a recent walk. I didn’t see it but I’m sure it saw me. Check out the photo of a recent snake skin that was brought into headquarters. The skin measures around four metres!

Yes, I know snake skins stretch up to 40 per cent when they are shed, but nevertheless it’s a pretty impressive skin by any measure (excuse the pun).

You don’t have to travel far to see interesting things. The picture below is of an orchid right outside the Bowali Visitor Centre, about 10 metres from a good cup of coffee from our local cafe! So if it’s nature you’re after or some amazing rock art, traditional Aboriginal culture and a decent cup of coffee, Kakadu is the place to be!

Douglas, Seasonal Ranger, Kakadu National Park


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