Ancient stories of the sea at Booderee

Described by Lonely Planet magazine as the best place for Indigenous culture and a perfect trip to New South Wales, why not make Booderee National Park your destination this weekend?

There are still lots of whales making their migration north and this weekend you can also enjoy whale tales from traditional owner Julie Freeman of Galamban Aboriginal Experiences. Famous for her campfire yarns, Julie will tell ancient stories of the sea and help you look out for whales. 

Last month around 500 visitors joined staff from the park and ORRCA (Organisation for the Rescue and Research of Cetaceans in Australia) to take part in the annual Whale Census Day - and saw 49 of the amazing creatures!

Join Julie on Sunday 8 July at 11.00 am at the Cape St George lighthouse, or find out more about what’s on at Booderee here. With skies this blue to welcome you, do you need any more reasons to come and visit?

Elinor, Booderee National Park


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