Controlled burns at Uluru

Our 2012 controlled burn program is well underway!

Controlled burns are vital in protecting the health of desert plants and animals. So each winter Uluru’s traditional owners and rangers conduct a series of carefully managed burns.

This year’s program is larger than normal because spinifex burnt in a large bushfire back in 2002 is finally ready to carry a burn again.

By burning spinifiex we’re actually improving the habitat of animals like tjakura (great desert skink) and mulgara, while protecting our park’s assets from the risk of wildfire.

We’ve spent lots of time and resources over the past few years to lower the risk of wildfire at Uluru, and avoid a repeat of the 2002 bushfire. That’s why we’ve planned such a large burn this year.

Vanessa, Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park

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