Going walkabout

Booderee National Park is one of New South Wales’ most outstanding landscapes and a hotspot for biodiversity so it’s no surprise staff have sighted some special residents.

Booderee Botanic Gardens curator Bernie McLeod spotted this dazzlingly colourful blur on his way to Summercloud picnic area at Wreck Bay and stopped to take a closer look. Unsure of what insect he had seen he took a couple of pics and sent them off to a friend - who identified them as jewel beetles.

We should have guessed! Aren’t they stunning?

Also spotted was this walkabout turtle crossing the trail to Bherwerre beach.

The turtles are named for their habit of walking great distances - they are known to cover a lot of ground in the park to reach various water holes.

This turtle has some notches taken from its rear scutes which indicates it has been the subject of research by staff at the University of Canberra where they’ve been studying the turtles for many years.

We’re hoping to find out more of this one’s history …we’ll let you know what we discover.

Matt, Booderee National Park

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