Getting to know Kakadu wildlife

I’m just starting to learn my birds in the region - it’s a riot of feathers in Kakadu. Some of the birds I’ve spotted include the forest kingfisher, the beautiful rainbow bee-eater, magpie geese, egrets, little corellas, brolgas (soaring high in the air), red-tailed black-cockatoos, white-bellied sea eagles, whistling and black kites, jabiru, darters, lotus birds… whew(!) the list goes on.

Marsupials include the very pretty short-eared rock wallabies who love to hang around the shelters of Ubirr, and the barrk (black wallaroo) around Burrunguy (Nourlangie).

Reptiles I’ve seen include water monitors (two at one water hole), a file snake (poking its head out of the water, then sleeking back in), a tree snake, a frilled-neck lizard in full run on hind legs with frill splayed, and of course the very big and impressive ginga, estuarine crocodile. No wonder Kakadu is recognised around the world as a hotspot for diversity.

Looking forward to updating you next time!

Douglas, Seasonal ranger, Kakadu National Park

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