Kakadu's seasonal rangers return with free walks and events

Welcome to my first blog as a seasonal ranger here in Kakadu National Park! Finally our training is finished and all six of us are out and about talking to visitors in the park. It’s been an amazing four weeks of training with everything from office procedures to four wheel driving, field work and Bininj culture in Kakadu. What a full-on four weeks of training!

It’s great to be out in the field now. The hot and humid days (and nights) are mostly over, with the season of Banggerreng finished and the mildly cooler Yegge providing some cool relief at night. We had some fantastic “knock ‘em down storms” and lightning shows, typical of Banggerreng.

The storms whip down off the escarpment, sweep over the spear grass and knock it down flat. The heat was terrific in the night and after spending four and half years in Germany I’m pretty relieved that the nights are cooling down now.

It’s also the burning off season, a traditional form of caring for country that dates back many thousands of years to reduce the impact of hotter and more damaging fires later in the year. These cool fires also promote new growth and diversity. As I write, the flames flicker and smoke billows from  just across the road at Park Headquarters.

Douglas, Seasonal Ranger

Kakadu National Park

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