Heaps to do at Kakadu

Motorcar Falls

Kakadu just gets better and better at this time of year, as a string of favourite sites open up after the wet season.

We have moved into Yegge, one of Kakadu’s six seasons - a time of cooler days and lower humidity. The floodplains and waterholes are shrouded in early morning mist which rises with the morning sun. Fragrant water lilies carpet shallow wetlands. The drying winds and flowering Darwin woolly butt tell Bininj/Mungguy that it is time to start patch burning to ‘clean the country’ and encourage new growth for grazing animals. It’s beautiful here at the moment!

One of the park’s most spectacular spots, the Ubirr lookout and rock art site, is accessible by road again. To get there you need to cross the Magela Creek, which has been flooded for months. It’s down to 0.2m over the road so it’s still good to drive with care!

Everyone’s flat out cleaning up after the wet season and opening up the far flung parts of the park that have been isolated by flooding.

The Mamukala bird hide is now open providing a fascinating glimpse into life in the wetlands. Also open are the Yurmikmik walks, a series of interconnected walking tracks providing beautiful views of Boulder Creek and Motorcar Falls.

Bardedjilidji Walk

In the north of the park you can’t miss the Bardedjilidji walk - it’s full of surprises. Be awestruck by the 1500 million year old sandstone formed by ancient sea beds - their pancake-stack strata is very reminiscent of the Karinjini (Bungle Bungles) in the Kimberley.  Walking through this ancient landscape, you get an appreciation for the many people who used this area as a home.  Explore the cool rock shelters and feel depressions in the rock from thousands of years of grinding ochre for painting or seeds for making bread.  If you walk quietly you might spot a rare Barrk (black wallaroo), and don’t forget to look out for artwork high up on the rock faces.

Our road report detailing what’s open is updated daily – or drop in to the Bowali Visitor Centre where our staff will advise on the best things to see in Kakadu right now.

Tracey, Kakadu National Park

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