Gunlom is open!

Gunlom falls | Kakadu

Gunlom falls | Kakadu

The Gunlom area in the south of Kakadu has just opened up, after taking a hammering from wet season flooding. It’s a favourite part of Kakadu for many locals, and you can see why. Check out that view!

Pool at top of Gunlom falls | Tourism NT

The pool at the top of Gunlom falls - worth the hike | Tourism NT

The plunge pool at the top of the falls might look familiar – it was immortalised in the classic 1980s film Crocodile Dundee.

If you’re heading to Kakadu, Gunlom is a great reason to explore the south of the park. At the base of the falls you can sit back and enjoy the view before you attempt the 1 km return hike to the top of the falls.

There’s a campsite with hot showers and toilets. It’s a great place to stay but get in quick – there is no booking system so camping at Gunlom is first come, first served. If you prefer a room you can base yourself at Mary River or Cooinda – have a look at our visitor guide for accommodation options.

Getting Gunlom open after the wet season is always a big priority for our rangers. Once the gravel road is dry enough to repair, our rangers get in there to fix up facilities, clear overgrown grass and get things visitor ready. The last step is the most important – checking for saltwater crocodiles around the campsite and pools.

The croc surveys take at least two weeks – the rangers set traps then return every few nights to check them. They won’t open Gunlom to visitors until we’ve had several ‘all clears’ in a row, making us as sure as possible that no crocs remain in the area. It’s a good system but it’s not foolproof – remember that crocodiles can move into this area undetected at any stage and not all of the rock pools are checked by rangers, so you need to think carefully before you enter the water!

Exploring Gunlom

Exploring Gunlom | Tourism NT

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