A natural wonder

Coral polyps feeding | Christmas Island

Former Getaway presenter Sorrel Wilby travelled to Christmas and Cocos in late March to give islanders a sneak preview of her stunning new documentary ― Christmas and Cocos Keeling islands: Our Jewels in the Indian Ocean, which airs this weekend on Channel 9.

From black-tipped sharks to the red crab migration and stunning crystal-filled caves, the doco is filled with lush footage of the islands’ unique wildlife and geographical features. We guarantee it will whet your appetite to visit our far-flung national parks!

You can view the trailer at the Christmas Island Tourism Association’s YouTube channel- and be sure to tune in to Channel 9 at 4.00 pm on Saturday 5 May to experience the entire visual feast.

Tanya, Parks Australia

Christmas and Cocos Keeling Islands: Our Jewels in the Indian Ocean is supported by the Department of Regional Australia, and is part of Australian Geographic’s Best of Australia series.

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