Babysitting at Bowali

Staff member Adrian babysits an agile wallaby at Bowali Visitor Centre | Photo Anne O'Dea

This tiny little thing was brought in to the park by one of our rangers – having sadly lost her mum to an accident out on the road.

Wallabies and joeys brought in to the park are taken by a staff member or one of our registered volunteer carers, who raises it until it’s ready to be released at around a year old.

When they’re first brought in the wallabies are hydrated and then fed formula. It’s hard work getting up in the night to feed them until their pre-fur begins to come in.

This little one is an agile wallaby - named Yaow yaow - which is Kunwinjku (a local Bininj language) for ‘tiny’. She was found about five weeks ago aged around four months old and she’ll stay with me until she is ready to be gradually released in to a safe area free of dogs and other predators.

Anne, Kakadu National Park

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