It's hard to resist their charms

An agile wallaby at Kakadu licks its forearms to stay cool | Anne O'Dea

As you’re wandering through the woodlands or cruising one of Kakadu’s stunning waterways, you’re bound to see plenty of the local wildlife. It can be tempting to feed them – many can be very persuasive, like the agile wallabies and dingos – but it’s really important not to!

Feeding native animals can interfere with their digestive and immune systems and can even end up killing them. It can reduce their natural fear of humans and they may become aggressive. They can also lose their wild instincts, become dependent on humans and stop teaching their young to hunt and forage.

You can help by cleaning up all food scraps and rubbish before you leave a visitor area and please resist the temptation to feed the animals…no matter how charming they are!

Mali, Parks Australia

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