Volunteers collect a packet

The stunning common shaggy pea is widely distributed through the alpine region

We’re lucky to have a dedicated group of volunteers at the Gardens who help us out with the work we do. Whether you are taking a guided walk, checking out a plant sale or attending one of our famous Summer Sounds concerts you’re sure to see a ‘Friend’ or two ready to lend a hand.

Now a group of ‘Seedy Volunteers’ has further contributed to seed collecting success at the Australian National Botanic Gardens.

Over the past four months, the group of 14 volunteers – accompanied by the Gardens’ seed bank manager Sarah Fethers and horticulturist Laura Schweickle – have made 99 seed collections of 74 species across the Canberra region.

Collections are taken back to the seed bank at the Australian National Botanic Gardens where they are prepared for banking.

A selection of seeds from each species also undergo tests to help build our understanding of the special conditions each species needs for their seeds to germinate - information that’s really valuable to people undertaking restoration and revegetation activities using Australian native flora.

Lucy, Australian National Botanic Gardens

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