Being waterwise at Kakadu

A vehicle struggles at Cahills Crossing, Kakadu National Park

Check your vehicle's capabilities before you cross | Kakadu National Park

Kakadu is exceptionally beautiful in the wet season and our visitors are keen to explore. Sometimes too keen!

Cahills Crossing is the only vehicle crossing from Kakadu to Arnhem Land. Through the wet season it is closed due to flood waters, and high tides can make it impassable at other times of the year too.

Cahills crosses the East Alligator River about 85km from the sea and it’s right at the top of the tidal influence. High tides push water over the crossing and make the river run in the opposite direction, and spring tides can be over a metre deep - all of which provides travellers with a challenging and sometimes dangerous river crossing.

Before you attempt the crossing, make sure you know if it’s open – at the moment it’s not! It’s also vital to know your ability and your vehicle, including the safe depth and current it can go through. Don’t cross if you’re unsure!

We look forward to seeing you - but hopefully not the way we met some of these visitors.

Want to check which roads are open? Read the Kakadu road report at

Greg, East Alligator region, Kakadu National Park

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