Another tourism award for Kakadu

The friendly staff at Bowali Visitor Centre can suggest lots of places to explore on your Kakadu trip

Congratulations to Kakadu on another tourism win!

Kakadu took out bronze in Australia’s top tourism awards over the weekend, cementing its place as one of the country’s top three major attractions. Ryan Baruwei was one of the Aboriginal traditional owners who proudly accepted the award at a gala dinner in Cairns. He said it was great fun and a big honour.

“We say to everyone - come and visit us! Our country’s moods and landscapes change over our six seasons. Immerse yourself, feel its spirit, hear our stories – you’ll have an experience that will stay with you forever.”

Kakadu is looking outstanding at the moment – it might be the perfect time to book that trip you’ve been dreaming about!

If you’re up for an adventure you can trek through a monsoon rainforest to Gubara Pools – just remember it’s 4WD only at this time of year! The Nourlangie rock art site is great for a wet season stroll – why not visit the Gunwarddehwardde Lookout for panoramic views of the storms rolling in, or check out Anbangbang Shelter to learn how Aboriginal people have used this site as a home for thousands of years? Or visit our Bowali Visitor Centre to plan your time in the park and check out our newly renovated billabong and life-like Mertens water monitor.

For ideas on what to see in Kakadu at the moment visit:

Mali, Parks Australia