Adventures in croc country

Croc bite on outboard motor

It’s been an action packed weekend at Kakadu – just ask the two fishermen who nearly lost a chunk of their outboard motor.

A 3.5 metre croc attacked their boat in the early hours of Saturday morning, as they were moored at Mud Island, where the South Alligator River meets the sea. The guys felt the croc nudge their boat around midnight, then it came back around 2am and had a go at their outboard motor. Check out the size of that bite mark!

Two boats were anchored next to each other when the croc attacked. The bloke in the other boat was snoring loudly at the time….but the noise clearly didn’t scare the croc off.

The croc incident tops off a busy weekend for rangers – they also had to pick up a man from the East Alligator River on Saturday after his dinghy capsized, dumping him in the water. Thankfully he was ok!

Rangers want to remind fishermen to keep perimeter lights on boats at night and avoid keeping anything smelly on board. For other good tips on staying safe at Kakadu see:

Mali, Parks Australia