The sky’s the limit for rubbish collection at Booderee

The usual way rangers bring rubbish up from the beach

...and the unfortunate methods that must sometimes be used to remove rubbish

The daily activity of rubbish collection was taken to new heights for our Booderee rangers when a stolen car was dumped over a cliff near the Cape St George Lighthouse.

Booderee rangers and the Australian Federal Police scrambled down the cliff to check for occupants and determine who owned the vehicle. Fortunately it was unoccupied and fully insured — so the insurance company hired a helicopter to retrieve the wreck.

What a shame for our Booderee rangers that such innovative litter removal methods can’t replace the human pack horses that currently slog up and down remote steep slopes to keep the park clean!

Booderee staff and rangers will be joined by volunteers tomorrow in an effort to ‘Clean Up Australia.’  To find out more about local clean-ups go to

Tanya, Parks Australia

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