Boobook owl family thriving on Norfolk Island

Female boobook nesting on Norfolk Island

Our new boobook owl family continue to pique our curiosity with their daytime antics on Norfolk Island.

I was smacked in the head three times by the female when I first approached her nest to see how the family were getting on.  It was quite a disturbing experience because as soon as I took my eyes off her she would attack – sweeping in with surprising speed and silence. After her third swoop I was ready to admit what an exceptional predator she is!

The story of the birds’ activity has renewed a lot of interest in them and their conservation story, both on Norfolk and elsewhere and we’ve received a number of emails from New Zealand and Australia offering advice and assistance.

We’re now working out the best ways to find out more about the family - with minimal disturbance to the owls!

Vanessa, Norfolk Island National Park

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