Interesting whale bird season on Norfolk Island

Images of whale birds taken with our motion sensor camera | Can you spot the chick and the eggs?

Great news! For the first time in many years, the protected whale bird (sooty tern) has attempted to breed on Norfolk Island– at the Cord section of the national park.

It would be wonderful to think that they will continue to breed on Norfolk but they are facing a number of challenges. Cats, dogs and humans all pose a risk.

A nest is accidentally disturbed when someone stops to give their dog a drink | The dog crushed one of the eggs

This image shows one nest we’re observing - see what happens when it’s disturbed by a dog. An egg was destroyed and the frightened birds fled their nest for two days afterwards.

Here at the park we’re asking locals to keep their eyes peeled when they’re out walking and to keep their dogs on a leash at all times. We’re also reminding people to keep their cats in at night.

Our motion sensor camera will helps us keep an eye on how things are going. And we’ll keep you posted on hatchlings!

Coral, Norfolk Island National Park

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