New season brings rare chances for visitors

Magela Creek in flood

As Kakadu settles into the monsoon season – Gudjewg – there are some magical experiences on offer.

At this time of year dramatic thunderstorms bring an explosion of plant and animal life as spear grass becomes tall and dense, magpie geese settle down to nest, and goannas seek refuge in the trees to escape the rising waters.

As the rivers flood, the Magela Creek forms a path between the treetops. It’s the perfect time to board a Guluyambi boat cruise along the Magela Creek, drifting through the paperbark forest and through one of countless billabongs in the area.

This is a rare chance to visit the iconic Ubirr as part of the Guluyambi combination boat tour and enjoy panoramic views of Kakadu in flood. With the road to Ubirr flooded, your cruise makes you one of a lucky few to access this stunning spot and its age-old rock art virtually on your own.

Find out more about Kakadu during Gudjewg, including what to do and where to go.

James, Kakadu National Park

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