Conservation gets cute!

Banding a hooded plover chick

The hooded plovers of Bherwerre and Mary’s Beaches have nested again this season thanks to a number of fox control measures in the region.

Alongside land management agencies and the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Services, we’ve been working to conserve the hooded plover population – the rarest bird in the state.

Shorebird conservation programs include controlling introduced predators, stopping vehicles from driving on beach and dune systems, management of beach users during nesting seasons and rescuing of nests during periods of high seas or storm surges.

As a result we have seen some good response in the populations of threatened shorebirds.

During October Booderee rangers assisted in catching and banding this rather gorgeous hooded plover chick!  This will help monitor the fate of the chicks and greatly help the overall conservation of the species.

Shannan, Booderee National Park

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