Croc-wise actions save lives

A graphic demonstration of how long-handled fishing nets can save lives

This is why we’re pleading with anglers in the park to use long-handled landing nets when fishing — they really do save lives!

This four metre croc lunged from underneath a boat to grab the barramundi that an unsuspecting fishermen was scooping into the landing net. The fisherman played tug of war for a second but opted to save his life rather than the net — a good choice.

What not to do when fishing in Kakadu National Park. Be croc-wise and never lean over a boat. Use a long-handled net.

This is absolutely what not to do when fishing in croc-infested waters. Always use a long-handled landing net when hauling fish into a boat. Have a look at our news release for further croc-wise safety tips.

Garry Lindner Crocodile safety officer Kakadu National Park