A brand new look for the Gardens

The Australian National Botanic Gardens is home to over 6,000 native plants and also comprises the Australian National Herbarium

Last week we launched our fresh new branding and released our 2011–2021 draft Management Plan that outlines how we propose to manage and grow the Australian National Botanic Gardens over the next 10 years.

Home to a unique collection of more than 6,000 Australian native plants, the Gardens aims to increase horticultural and conservation research through new partnerships, further develop the seed banking program on rare and threatened species and expand education and visitor programs.

A range of new developments has also been identified over the next 10 years linked to a fundraising strategy.

However, your input is an invaluable part of developing this plan! Comments can be sent until 31 January 2012 and we look forward to receiving your feedback.

You can read and comment on the draft plan here.

While you’re there take a look at our fresh new branding which reflects the Gardens’ status as a national institution, while retaining the visual connection with Australia’s unique flora. We hope you like it!

Sabrina, Australian National Botanic Gardens

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