Bush rats, bristlebirds and bandicoots all in a day's work

Long nosed bandicoot - check out those nails!

A bristlebird dropped in to say 'hello'

Bush rats and bristlebirds dropped in on the action while we were out surveying bandicoots recently.

I joined the Natural Resource Management team’s trapping survey where we had an interesting and successful morning releasing two long-nosed bandicoots and a few bush rats as well as several Eastern bristlebirds.

The bristlebird acts a lot like a small mammal -  crawling and tunnelling through the bush, in and out of grass tussocks and vegetation while hunting insects.  The first time I saw one do this I couldn’t believe my eyes – I thought it was a rat at first!

On one occasion, we had two bush rats in one trap, possibly a parent and juvenile. The juvenile was quite cooperative – despite a quick nip at my finger - and very distinctive with his white tuft of fur on the top of his head!

Karen and friend

Kåren Watson, Booderee National Park

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