Seasonal ranger says goodbye to Kakadu

Seasonal Ranger Pete Cleary tells visitors the stories of Bininj

Seasonal ranger Peter Cleary tells visitors the stories of Bininj

Working as a seasonal ranger in Kakadu National Park has been a wonderful opportunity and an unforgettable experience.

Amidst the diverse landscapes of stone country, rivers and floodplain, I became immersed in the living cultural landscape that makes Kakadu home to Bininj (Aboriginal people in northern Kakadu). 

The traditional burning practices, painting, story-telling and interactions with Bininj rangers and artists have all been enormously memorable.

Another highlight was seeing visitors inspired by the connection Bininj have between country and culture and how we can still witness this in Kakadu today.

I will cherish my memories of the people, the place and the spirit of this land.

Peter, Seasonal Ranger, Kakadu National Park


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One thought on “Seasonal ranger says goodbye to Kakadu

  1. I had the pleasure of hearing Peter’s Ubirr main gallery 9am talks as I guided my Bill Peach Air Cruising groups around the art site. Very knowledgeable, professional and friendly, he was a class act among a great group of Kakadu Seasonal Rangers in 2011. Thanks for coming Peter! I hope the Phillip Island Penguin Parade didn’t miss you to much!

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