The rains come to Kakadu

The leaves on all the trees are a rich, juicy green

The relief of the first drops of rain is incredible! After six months of dry season weather and an intense build up season the rains have arrived and Kakadu is able to relax with a good drink of nitrogen-filled rainwater.

But it’s not just the plants and animals that are happy to see the storm clouds rolling over. For those of us that are lucky enough to call Kakadu home, the wet season is one of the most beautiful times to be here.

Every year Kakadu’s landscape is transformed – it’s like watching a dry sponge dropped in water. The dry ground soaks up the rain, the leaves on the trees are a rich, juicy green - Kakadu is very much alive.

Those of you that can make the trip to Kakadu in the wet will be rewarded with a unique view of this incredible place. It is a very different experience to Kakadu in the middle of the dry seasons.

Jolyon Muller, Kakadu National Park

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