Scaly, slithery, creepy and crawly

Saltwater crocodile

Kakadu has an abundance of reptiles that call the national park home. With a healthy dose of caution and respect for our scaled, cold blooded, slithering friends we can all enjoy these amazing creatures. Many have been spotted out and about in the park in recent months.

The biggest of the reptiles, the estuarine or saltwater crocodile, also known as the ‘saltie’,  is at the top of the food chain. There are approximately 10,000 found in Kakadu’s waterways - the  highest concentration of crocodiles in Australia!

Fire tail skink

Many lizard species can be seen in and around escarpment habitats and woodland areas – look out for the fire-tailed skink and the ta-ta lizard (or Gilbert’s dragon), who will wave you a friendly hello.

Gilbert's dragon

The Merton’s water monitor lives in and around waterways and is an excellent swimmer and diver.  This one was captured sunning itself at Maguk.

Water monitor

Soon the wet season will be upon us. Then we can expect the frill necked lizard to come out of hibernation and down to the ground from its tree to look for a mate.

You just never know what’s at your feet in Kakadu, whether its scurrying through leaf litter, the roadsides, hiding up a tree, or in cracks and crevices - like this banded tree snake spotted at the Ubirr art site complex.

Banded tree snake

Kristen, Kakadu National Park