Eric, the bird who flew far and wide

Australasian gannet | Photo by angrysunbird

During July a senior elder of the Wreck Bay community, Phillip McLeod, found an Australasian gannet washed up on the beach at Summercloud Bay. Phillip, better known to his mates as Garbs, noticed that the gannet had a band on his leg so he brought him to the park office.

We were pretty excited! We recorded the number on the band  - and named him Eric.

Our colleagues at the _Australian Bird and Bat Banding Scheme _were able to tell us Eric had been banded at Wedge Light, off Queenscliff, in Victoria - over 630 kilometres from where Garbs found him. Eric had been banded on 14 November 1990, making him at least 20 years old!

Recording information about birds like Eric helps us understand and protect bird and bat species as well as giving us stories that make us think and warm the heart! For more information about the Australian Bird and Bat Banding Scheme click here.

Shannan, Booderee National Park

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