Celebrating the six seasons of Kakadu

Kakadu National Park undergoes amazing seasonal changes

Kakadu National Park undergoes amazing seasonal changes

Throughout the year Kakadu’s landscapes undergo spectacular changes. As we shift from the hot dry season of Gurrung to the pre-monsoon season of Gunumeleng the weather becomes more humid and storm clouds roll in most afternoons.

The arrival of these thunderheads doesn’t always mean rain though. Despite massive storm clouds regularly forming we still haven’t had any proper storms yet. Some people refer to this time of year as ‘the build up’.

When Gunumeleng officially starts, heavy bursts of rain fall across the park, bringing green to the dry land. As the streams begin to run, acidic water that washes from the floodplains can cause fish to die in billabongs with low oxygen levels. Waterbirds spread out as surface water and new growth become more widespread. Barramundi move from the waterholes downstream to the estuaries to breed.

This was when Bininj/Mungguy traditionally moved camp from the floodplains to the stone country to shelter from the violent storms of the coming wet season.

To find out more about Kakadu during Gunumeleng, including what to do and where to go, visit our website

Shannon, Kakadu National Park

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