Birds galore at Mamukala

Magpie geese taking off at Mamukala

I went out to Mamukala wetlands yesterday morning and it was fantastic!

It is just 35 kilometres from Jabiru town where I live. I went there early in the morning while it was still cool.

There is a large bird hide there, which I visited first. I stood just metres from a group of magpie geese, purple swamp hens, black-winged stilts and comb-crested jacanas. A young agile wallaby hopped up to the water’s edge which really set the magpie geese off honking.

I could see literally hundreds, maybe thousands of birds flying around in the distance, but what really took my breath away was the dense sea of bright pink lotus lilies reaching as far as the eye could see.

As I walked through the woodland and paperbark swamps I saw all kinds of birds -  brolgas, white-bellied sea eagles, rainbow bee-eaters, whistling kites, whistling ducks and more than 12 jabirus!

I wish I had a camera with a really long zoom, because I have never seen so many magpie geese, all crammed together in lines, bobbing in and out of the water. There were water birds galore!

It is definitely worth a visit. It has changed so much in just three weeks!

I hope to see you here soon.

Sarah, Kakadu National Park