Celebrating Minyumai Indigenous Protected Area

Brush-tailed phascogale

Brush-tailed phascogale

We had a brilliant day in sunny Evans Head on Friday 19 August.  Members of the Banjalang Clan came together to declare the Minyumai Indigenous Protected Area and celebrate its inclusion in the National Reserve System.

We started the day with the unveiling of the sign and soon after everyone relaxed in the sunshine to the local Bandjalang band singing songs like ‘Clan Bandjalang’ and ‘My Island Home’.

 We all had a chance to say hello to a brush-tailed phascogale and her babies after she got lost on one of the roads nearby – needless to say it was a short visit and she was returned home safely.

 A feast of barbecued goodies and salads filled everyone’s bellies and by the afternoon – only six or so people made it to the bushwalk!

 Congratulations to everyone who helped out with the event, a great day was had by all.

Celebrating Minyumai declaration

Celebrating Minyumai declaration

 Jonno McCutcheon, Indigenous Protected Areas


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