Antara-Sandy Bore Indigenous Protected Area

Anangu teaching the emu dance
Anangu teach the emu dance. From left, Edward Dodd, Reshaun Doolan, Corey Doolan, Bronson Edwards, Richard Dodd and Bernard Edwards.

I’ve just returned from the desert country of northern South Australia where I attended the declaration ceremony for the Antara – Sandy Bore Indigenous Protected Area.  

I’ve seen many parts of central Australia but this area is definitely among the most spectacular. The area is dominated by low red sandstone ridges scattered with boulders. This stony landscape efficiently collects the scant rainfall into a network of steams and waterholes, making the area rich in plant and animal life. 

Antara-Sandy Bore Indigenous Protected Area

Antara-Sandy Bore Indigenous Protected Area

The Anangu people’s traditional ecological knowledge is central to their management plan for this protected area, including their understanding of traditional burning. Among the crowd were children from the local school.  Some of them may well be the region’s future rangers.

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Gordon Waight, Indigenous Protected Areas team member

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